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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Veretekk Continued

I've been working everyday on Veretekk and it is proving to be very profitable as far as marketing is concerned. I work on certain tasks everyday, get thousands of leads in my various marketing portals. I send an email out to them asking them to verify and approve of me to send them further mail. I then create sequential mailers to go out to these leads. In the system, I created sequential mailers (letters) to automatically go out every 7 days to all the leads that verify. It is important to get their permission so as not to send out spam. I created a marketing center for 997MakeMoneyNow, Purple Cowboys, so my sequential mailers are a series of Purple Cowboy letters. I have been getting leads in my 997makemoneynow back office as well as in my Veretekk back office. I have even gotten people that just join me in 997makemoneynow and Veretekk that I have not even spoken to yet. Of course, I call them and offer my support because I am their sponsor. I am still thrilled about how this all works. Generating my own targeted leads! And I absolutely know where all of them are coming from. That sure beats buying leads and not knowing how old they are or if they are really targeted to my business as the lead generators claim.