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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Forum Posting for Networking and Effective Marketing

I am finding that posting to forums is a great way to meet people, develop relationships, and network my business as well as find out what other people are doing and what works for them.

For me, it is very time consuming, but is proving to be effective. I am also learning more things I didn't know by reading and responding to posts. I also have a few forums with a topic of my own on them. As far as responses to my topic goes, it seems to be different on each forum. On some forums I get lots of responses and on others, not many. On one of the forums, only 1 person has responded to me and we just seem to talk back and forth regarding the topic. The topic gets viewed by others, but they don't respond. 

Monday, November 26, 2007

Today Monday November 26th

copyright: Deborah Bowman

Today was pretty busy. I was trying to catch up yesterday and today. Last week I came down with the flu and was unable to do a lot with my businesses. When I say businesses, I mean 997MakeMoneyNow and also the online boutique I am creating. 

I am creating a website/online boutique that will display products from the exotic South Pacific. I'm excited about it.

After much research, I finally found a drop shipper from a little island off of Australia called Vanuatu. It is a real life paradise where there are virtually no chemicals, pesticides or cancer causing agents to destroy the environment. Everything is grown normally, or what I call organically. All the products are the purest you can find on the face of the earth.

I am an amateur website creator, but after this first one, I am sure that the next 5 will go much smoother. I will be creating 6 mirrored websites. Mirrored, meaning all relating to one another and linked to one another. For example, I also found drop shippers that have similar products for dogs and cats. This would be a mirror of the 1st website, only with products for pets instead of humans. 

I will be using the fantastic marketing tools that I am learning from Purple Cowboy Marketing for promoting my mirrored websites.

Also, I was pleased again to see that I had another lead in my back office requesting information on 997MakeMoneyNow. I can see that the part time work I've been putting in is starting to pay off. I will continue to do as much as I can everyday and it will slowly get bigger and bigger. 

Where else can you get such innovative and detailed training for just $9.97? I'll answer that for you.  NOWHERE! 

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lots of Traffic-Websites Down

Today was pretty exciting. On one hand, I was a little frustrated because our 997MakeMoneyNow websites were down for some time today, but when I talked to Brad Slinkard, one of the founders, he said that Mo was busy fixing the problem. The problem was that the Purple Cowboys were getting more and more traffic, which is a great thing that's happening!

I'm happy to say that everything is up and running again, thanks to the technical talents of Mo Young, one of the founders.

I also was excited because everything that I'm learning and applying this past month is really starting to show that it is working. I had 2 leads sign into my site this week. For being in the program for only one month and working part time, I don't think that's so bad. I've just been consistent. Doing something everyday, no matter how big or small. If I had more time, just think how much quicker things would pull together. But, even though I'm known for being impatient with myself, there is no way I'm quitting. I'm really enjoying myself and I'm really enjoying the relationships I'm developing in the process.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Purple Cowboy Marketing Call Schedule

I've received some requests about the call schedule so I thought I would post it here so if anyone visited the information would be available.

Anyone is welcome to our calls. They are interactive so you are welcome to ask questions, or you can remain silent and just listen. Whatever you prefer. Well, here they are:

Monday: 9:00 pm EST 712-580-0562, pin# 911324#

Wednesday: 9:00 pm EST 712-580-0362 pin# 911324#

Thursday: 9:00 pm EST 712-580-0362, pin# 911324#

Saturday: 10 :00 am EST 212-990-8000, pin# 1808#

We also have a women’s group right after our Saturday training. So, if you have any female friends or family members who also want to create an additional income, tell them in addition to the above trainings, we also have one geared towards just women. It starts at 11:00 am EST 605-990-0533, pin# 747100#.

Hope to hear everyone on the calls!
Purple Cowboy Marketing

Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Week With 997MakeMoneyNow - Purple Cowboy Marketing

copyright: Deborah Bowman

This past week has been another busy, fun, exciting week with 997MakeMoneyNow - Purple Cowboy Marketing. As I continue to apply the skills that I am learning I have found that I am now listed on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I just decided to try an experiment and did a search on my pen name "dmbunny" and a few pages on me came up on Google, Yahoo and MSN. I was pleasantly surprised. Now all I have to do is keep doing what I have been doing to make the rankings rise higher.

The key is consistency. If all you have is one hour per day, stick to that one hour everyday and you will get your name out there. Of course, the longer you can work on it, the quicker it will come, but I'd rather do little bit consistently with what little time I have and reach my goals slowly than give up and do nothing at all and never reach my goals and never change anything in my life. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing now, and if what you are currently doing is not working and has never worked, then you must change what you are doing or you will just keep coming up with the same result....nothing.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today at 997MakeMoneyNow-Purple Cowboy Marketing

copyright: Deborah Bowman

Today was an exciting day! I downloaded the forum software. It's pretty awesome. It makes the forum posting go much faster and easier. It takes just a little longer to set up, but once it is all set up, you can do about 50 postings in 30 minutes.

I'm so impatient with myself. I want to do everything everyday. But I have to keep reminding myself that I only have so much time to spend on each task because I teach dance, work in the dance studio office and now learning all these marketing techniques with Purple Cowboy Marketing. I

It is very addicting. Once you see all the potential and realize what you can create, you just don't want to stop and as I said before, the support and taining are amazing. It is definitely based on relationships, not how many people you can get into your deal. Of course, you want people to join you, but you can look forward to supporting them and have the joy of seeing them grow and develop into leaders supporting their own team; having lifetime relationships.

The training call for tonight just ended. The training calls are always informative and I would suggest to anyone not to miss them unless you absolutely have too. There is another training call tomorrow night. Clyde Batton will be hosting the call and this call will be a little bit different than the others. This call will be based on personal growth and development which is what network marketing is really all about. The more you grow personally yourself, the better you will be at helping and supporting others. Afterall, if you can't help yourself, how are you going to help anyone else? Think about it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 14 of The Purple Cowboys

copyright: Deborah Bowman

Well, I just finished my 14th day of the 14-day marketing blitz with the 997MakeMoneyNow the Purple Cowboys. I have some lose ends to wrap up this week and then the next step is to just take what I've learned and apply it consistently everyday.

The best part of this is the support that you get. I think that's what is keeping me extremely motivated is that I can speak with my sponsor or Clyde, Brad and Mo at anytime i.e., just last week, Clyde spent about an hour on the phone with me priming me up on the 17 leads I received and how to handle them. I have never experienced such support from any organization in my life!

My sponsor, Lawren is very very motivated, just as I am. I'm so glad to have a sponsor that is as motivated as I am so we are on the same page. She is wonderful. Anytime she finds something that is useful to our business, she lets me know the details. They are always great things and I just follow along. I've shared some very useful information with her also. Some of the sponsors I've had in the past was like having no sponsor at all.

The live training calls are so very beneficial to our businesses and it's all live participation; no muting and just listening. Everyone on the call actually goes to their computers and follows the instructions of the moderator, usually Clyde or Brad. It's actually hands-on training in that you can ask questions right there while you are doing it. In fact, if you don't understand, you can ask the same question 10 times if you want and it will be re-explained 10 times or until everyone gets it.

Don't let me scare anyone into thinking that it's complicated or anything. It really isn't, but if you haven't done some of these things before, you might have questions the first few times. Then everything becomes very familiar and easy.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Continuing Education on 997 MakeMoneyNow-Purple Cowboys

copyright: Deborah Bowman

It has been a rather exciting week with the Purple Cowboys! I've been with this program 2 and 1/2 weeks. It is so much fun and the live training calls have been very informative and helpful. The 3 founders are a God-send. You can speak with them at any time. After starting to apply the marketing techniques in the program, my second week I sponsored 2 people. Then I participated in the advertising co-op and sponsored 3 more people this past week. Through the advertising co-op I also received about 17-20 targeted leads. Everytime I get into a new lesson, I get more and more excited to apply the information. After I complete the program, I probably will choose 3 or 4 of the marketing techniques to concentrate on in my business. It is great to know everything though, because you can never do too much advertising and marketing. If people don't know about your business, you won't sell anything, no matter how great your product or service is.