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Friday, February 26, 2010

Step One for the New Business Process

Today I registered my business with the Secretary of State. All Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Associations, and Limited Liability Partnerships must first register with the Secretary of State or the registration and licensing applications will not be processed.

As I was researching everything on the internet I came across the West Virginia Secretary of State website and discovered that I could register everything on that site, so that is exactly what I did. I didn't have to worry about getting the forms to fill out by hand and mail. This was very convenient.

My business is going to be an LLC, or Limited Liability Company. I am the sole owner so I did not need to have a EIN or FEIN number. I can use my social security number. My business will be registered as "Help For You By Deborah, LLC." I did a check on the name and it was available. Apparently no one else is using that title. All I have to do is wait until everything is processed and legal.

In the mean time, I will be working on my business plan, marketing plan, carrying out a self assessment, decide on my exact services and rates, budgeting, develop my mission statement, create goals, set up bookkeeper, accountant, etc., I already have 99.9% of the equipment needed for my business, accept for some minor things.

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